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Lab Challenge 1 – Switch Config

August 26th, 2014 in Lab Challenge Go to comments

In this lab you will config 4 switches which are interconnected with each other.


In our simulator, you can only use “?’ with a space before for seeing the next keywords (for example: “spanning ?”, not “spanning?”). The simulator can be accessed via this link: http://www.rstut.com/final_flash/Four_Switches_Lab_1/Four_Switches_Lab_1.html.

Please let us know if you like this simulator or not so that we can continue making other simulators in the future. Any suggestion, recommendation, error reports are warmly welcomed!

We are still working to add more Lab Challenges like this. If you have any challenges, commands or suggestions please comment here or send an email to support@rstut.com. Every contribution is warmly welcome!

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  1. Ipman
    January 3rd, 2016

    Hey guys, What´s going on with this website?? Where is the entire material??
    I´m planning to sit on CCIE written by end of 2016 and Lab by next year…

  2. Anonymous
    January 4th, 2016

    Hey guys, here 2 labs full configured for CCIE R&S and SP



  3. Nuts
    January 16th, 2016

    Why use a spanning tree command on a port that a router is connected to? 4 is wrong it is not gaurd root.
    The configuration of root guard is on a per-port basis. Root guard does not allow the port to become an STP root port, so the port is always STP-designated. If a better BPDU arrives on this port, root guard does not take the BPDU into account and elect a new STP root. Instead, root guard puts the port into the root-inconsistent STP state. You must enable root guard on all ports where the root bridge should not appear.

  4. Anonymous
    February 27th, 2016

    Thank you for providing this and other practice items.

  5. Ageu
    March 4th, 2016

    1 spanning-tree mode rapid-pvst

    2 spanning-tree vlan 10 root primary
    spanning-tree vlan 10 root primary

    3 spanning-tree guard root

    4 spanning-tree portfast

    5 channel-group 1 mode on

    6 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

    7 switchport mode trunk
    switchport mode dynamic auto

    8 switchport mode dynamic desirable

    9 switchport mode trunk
    switchport nonegotiate

  6. Anonymous
    August 2nd, 2016

    please add AAA dot1x simmulator

  7. vikram Divekar
    October 10th, 2016

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  8. Mian
    February 8th, 2017

    Any one have lates .VCE files for switching please share t on
    m.awais1979 @ yahoo.co.uk

  9. Traivs Lai
    February 9th, 2017

    @vikram Divekar

    Thanks for sharing 400-101 Lab dumps!

    I finally passed my 400-101 Lab exam two days ago!

    Mainly learned that PassLeader 400-101 Lab study materials, including Troubleshooting, Lab Configuration, Diagnostic…etc.

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    Good Luck!

  10. pato
    March 8th, 2017

    @Traivs Lai
    can you share me the pdf please!!

  11. CCIE
    March 28th, 2017

    Hi Guys,

    Is anyone interested in discussing the CCIE R&S dumps.

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  12. May
    April 24th, 2017

    the new lab dump is valid or not .
    but i find some thing about lab.

  13. Hyatt Regency
    July 11th, 2017

    Has anyone taken then the Switching Exam Lately and know anything that is on it like the LABS or Questions and Answer

  14. binary bit boy
    August 10th, 2017

    very cool lab challenge

  15. PJ
    October 23rd, 2017

    Dont trust the passleader dumps, even if they have the money back guaranty. Its a big risk. I have failed, and lost my exam money on it.

  16. Netty Huisman
    March 21st, 2018

    @Prashanth Narayanan

    Please kindly send that PassLeader 400-101 LAB dumps to me.

    ettyhuisman at gmail dot com

    Thanks in advance!!!

  17. Ovidiu ZAG
    May 21st, 2018

    Passed 400-101 LAB exam on 17/May/2018!!!

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    All tickets were similar to PassLeader 400-101 LAB dumps.

    Attention 2 tickets:

    Ticket 1:
    VLAN access-map ATTACK 20
    Action forword

    Ticket 7:
    similar to PassLeader, only 2 faults: R3 missed the “MPLS IP” command, R5 exported the wrong router-target.

    H2 DIAG:

    Same as PassLeader 400-101 LAB dumps.

    H3 CFG:

    99% similar to PassLeader 400-101 LAB dumps.

    That’s all.

    Thanks PassLeader 400-101 LAB dumps!!!

    Good luck, all!!!

  18. Paul Steven
    August 22nd, 2018


    Thanks for all above comments and reviews!!!

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    The exam is not easy, a little difficult in fact.

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  19. Lee Yonug
    August 23rd, 2018


    Just passed the CCIE R&S 400-101 LAB yesterday (21/Aug/2018, Beijing)~~~LOL~~~

    I got the TS2 and D3 and H2+.

    In the TS2 section, there is no R51 in the OSPF of R60, DO NOT CARE THE R51. And, pay attention to route-map of R11 and R20 (DC2 10.4).

    And, that premium PassLeader 400-101 LAB dumps (or study materials) are still valid enough for passing, it helped a lot for my passing!!!

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  20. Josué Robert
    September 28th, 2018


    Just passed the CCIE R&S 400-101 LAB from San Jose (CA). LOL~~~

    The 400-101 LAB exam is a little difficult, ehh, compared with the 400-101 written exam.

    I got TS1, D3 and H3. All these are from the premium PassLeader 400-101 LAB dumps (or, study materials).

    In TS1:
    1. The MAC address of SW2 and R101 aligning R8
    2. NO PPP ipcp on R17
    3. The subnet mask of R22, 252 –> 248
    4. R22 nexthopself R6 delete summaryonly R1 R2 e0/0mpls ip
    5. R25, ipv6 network, error
    6. R15 ip nh redriect R19 U Uppercase –> Lowercase
    7. R107, no domamin timeout 1
    8. R7 R8 bgp no neighbor
    9. R8 0.125 outside 0.123 inside R7R8 NAT INSIDE
    10. R24 E0/0 secondary delete

    In D3:
    Q1. dhcp snooping
    1. bootp –> 133
    2. sw1 no dhcp relay inf
    3. between sw1 and sw3

    Q2. Hacker Attack
    1. tcp, sniffer packet –> Attacker and Victim
    2. sudo shutdown
    3. tclsh Victim

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  21. ertfgf
    September 29th, 2018

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    October 11th, 2018

    Congrats!!! Finally passed the 400-101 LAB test on 9/Oct/2018 (Tokyo, JP)!!!

    I got TS2++ and D2+ and H2++. All these items are from the premium PassLeader 400-101 LAB dumps.

    For TS2++:
    1. The MAC address of the port is NOT same as the last port.
    2. R14 list, not come across the Server 1.
    3. R10 — 10.2.200/201.0 — route-map…etc.
    4. NO of the new SP1.
    5. The encryption algorithm is NOT match, modify R60.
    6. vlan2001 not calls the pool of addresses.
    7. Not building the neighborship, and the password of R3 is wrong.
    8. Modifying the gateway of R30.
    9. ip nhrp map mul dy
    10. The issue of

    For D2+:
    1. Shutdown the CE1’s e0/0.
    2. Higher preference gateway information sent out.

    For H2++:
    Same as the premium PassLeader 400-101 LAB dumps.

    Thanks for your helpful comments and reviews.

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  23. uikl
    December 17th, 2018

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  24. Carin Ting
    March 11th, 2019


    Passed the CCIE R&S 400-101 LAB few days ago! (7/Mar/2019, Dubai, UAE)

    I mainly used the premium PassLeader 400-101 LAB Dumps collection.

    Here are some tips from my actual test FYI:

    Q1: access no 10 no 30, DHCP no lease 0 2 0
    Q2: SW111-port cost-9, R12-
    Q3: R23-lo0; R22-route map-set metric
    Q4: R20/21-local pre-route map
    Q5: R60-tun0-mask
    Q6: R100-e0/0-no ip add dhcp

    DIAG 2:
    Same as the premium PassLeader 400-101 LAB Dumps collection.

    1. VTP mode off is available, do not care it
    2. Pay attention to mode access
    3. SW300/SW301-no span mst sim pvst global-old problems
    4. Four AS65001-one of them has LO 2000-OSPF, R13-add ipv4-bgp additional path select best 2-I didn’t do it, it all depends on the IOS
    5. Section 2.6-I used show run | se router-id
    6. AS65002-Next Hop-ATTENTION!!!
    7. AS10000-IP-not, then is…etc.
    8. LAN TO LAN IPSEC-ping

    That’s all.

    All in all, all TS and DIAG and LAB Config questions are from the premium PassLeader 400-101 LAB Dumps collection, only some small TSET Circumstances are not same, which are less important.

    I highly recommend you to try the premium PassLeader 400-101 LAB Dumps collection!

    Good luck!

  25. Sam Luke
    April 28th, 2019


    Passed 400-101 LAB on 22/April/2019 from Beijing!

    Got TS2 and H3 and Diag H2.

    All those exam questions are available in PassLeader 400-101 LAB Dumps collection.

    Some key points FYI:

    In TS2:
    1. ACL no per IP, SW410 int e0/0, MAC address is wrong.
    2. R14, prefix no deny
    3. SW110, int vlan 2000 ip os 1 a 0, R23 int lo0 ip os 1 a 0.
    4. Problems on R60 crypto.
    5. R3 MPSL LDP NEI PASSWORD is wrong.
    6. R71, no ip nhrp map mulitcast.
    8. NAT of R23 and R25 is wrong.

    In H3:
    1. config no spanning-tree mst xxx global.
    2. Reading carefully of SW510 port-channel.
    3. regarding IPv6 hop max 2.

    The DIAG H2 is same as PassLeader, nothing change.

    Thanks PassLeader 400-101 LAB Dumps collection, really helpful!

    Good luck!

  26. any body ccnp switching dump
    May 9th, 2019

    if any one , if you have ccnp switching dump please share with me
    adem dot shikur at gmail dot com

  27. Gleb SHYNKARYK
    June 11th, 2019

    @Sam Luke April 28th, 2019

    Thanks for your helpful reviews, that PL 400-101 LAB dumps really helpful!!!


    I just passed the 400-101 LAB exam at the beginning of June/2019 (from San Diego, CA, USA).

    I took the mobile lab test in San Diego, there were 14 peoples in my test location and 10 of them writing the 400-101 LAB.

    I got TS2+, D3+, C3.

    Nothing new, all items are available in PL 400-101 LAB dumps.

    Thanks PL for saving my time, it helped me passing the 400-101 LAB test easily.

    Good luck, all!

  28. td1
    June 13th, 2019

    can i get a copy of the dump for the ccie lab. I am curious as the exams are changing in 2020.
    Would you please send to
    CCDA_Cert @ techie . com ((( Remove spaces ))))

  29. Anonymous
    June 22nd, 2019

    Hi guys

    Q1: Layer 2(2 point):
    PC101 should successfully access Server 1 behind SW1.
    PC101 cannot access R7/R8, fix the problem so that PC101 can access server1, R7 R8

    Q2: PPP(2 point)
    R17 should have one default route which points to R12 via PPP and R11 should have access via telnet to R17 as shown below.

    Q3: OSPF(2 point)
    When R1 tries to access the network, which is between R21 and R22, the traffic should be load balanced as shown in the exhibit.

    Cisco will change in 2020, the guys who want to take the exam should hurry.

    So go to the exam as soon as possible!

    Good luck!

    I used the dump of the PH to pass the exam.
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  30. Michael Miller
    October 24th, 2019


    CCIE R&S 400-101 Lab exam passing reviews FYI:

    w(no space)w(no space)w.certifychat.com/threads/400-101-lab-passing-with-valid-400-101-lab-dumps.8799/page-3#post-190506

    (from San Jose (CA, USA) on 22/Oct/2019)

    Good luck!

  31. Desmond Koh
    November 21st, 2019

    @Miguel Sanchez October 24th, 2019

    Thanks for your reviews!!!

    Really helpful!!!

    I have passed my CCIE R&S LAB recently by learning that



    400-101 LAB study materials.



  32. Desmond Koh
    November 21st, 2019




    Sam Luke April 28th, 2019 (this referring)

    Good luck!

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