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Share your CCIE v5 Written Experience

June 1st, 2015 in CCIE v5 Written Go to comments

Please share with us your experience after taking the CCIE v5 Written exam, your materials, the way you learned, your recommendations… But please DO NOT share any information about the detail of the exam or your personal information, your score, exam date and location, your email…

Note: There are some guys trying to sell workbook, videos or even group buy for CCIE exams in the comment section. Please be careful and double check everything before making your decision. Many of them are scammers and just sell old materials or steal your money.

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    January 5th, 2016

    Hi everyone, does anybody took the exam already?

  2. KK
    January 5th, 2016

    Dear All,

    Do you know where I can find CCIE v5 Lab share experience forum?

    All the best,

  3. JC
    January 5th, 2016

    I just was reading the comments on page 52 and suddenly all pages have missed.
    Do you know if there will be dumps for ccie v5 written exam soon?
    Thanks in advanced for your comments.

  4. rstut
    January 5th, 2016

    @all: We had to remove all the comments on this topic because of our readers’ security. please DO NOT share any information about the detail of the exam or your personal information, your score, exam date and location, your email.

  5. jaz
    January 5th, 2016

    CCIE written exam due to change in July, Topics to be covered will ne cloud, sdn & iot topics

  6. ccie
    January 5th, 2016

    what the f*ck u r telling. this site is built to help each other as much as possible to pass the Exam. Now u r telling all the shit things. U are a complete moron !!!!

  7. ccie
    January 5th, 2016

    I wish I could kick ur ass

    January 5th, 2016

    I guess the admin got tired of the people trying to make other to lose the exam…. I hope those people left also… I’ve heard there is a new 105Q dump valid right now…. haven’t found it yet. If anyone have it i’d appreciate if you could share it with me. {email not allowed}

  9. Micah
    January 5th, 2016

    Anybody taking the exams soon??

  10. Micah
    January 5th, 2016

    It appears this is the only section with the comments deleted …….. All the other sites appear to be fine

  11. cisco_cert
    January 5th, 2016

    i dont know what to say… we use to help people using this site and now we are prohibited to do it… now we are alone in this loong way that is studying for this kind of test… its not fair bcoz every1 needs help in this matter… anyway i really wish the best of luck to any1 in this way…

    and of course if any1 wish to help us we will be around here…

  12. ccie.chams@gmail.com
    January 5th, 2016

    Thank you for the hint Guys, but tried the link of HELPALL and did try all the sub links
    It’s seems to ask me to enter some credentials to download in Chinese

    Please didn’t not know how to fill on those sub links

    Please HELP me on sending me the file at {email not allowed}

  13. CCIE MAX
    January 5th, 2016

    who can support ?

    which Dump is Valid ?

  14. Ccie.chams
    January 5th, 2016

    The Dumps that seems valid are 105q and another one more recent 125q
    Please share the link when you success downloading it or send it to me by email, i’ll manage to share it everyone here.

    I have started studying for the Lab as I can’t indefinitely for this Dump
    I have study enough for those irrelevant f.. Topics for this stupid writing and did the 779
    I think if I can have a hold on this few missing questions I’ll register in the next hour

  15. julaoscisar@yahoo.es
    January 6th, 2016

    Hello all,
    anybody who can, email any valid dump to my mail {email not allowed}

  16. JC
    January 6th, 2016

    Are you completely insane?
    This site has been always for help us with valid information, not deleting our comments as you have done…..

  17. derpy
    January 6th, 2016

    The questions and answers were removed because of ongoing lawsuits against sites hosting dumps. Cisco does not want you to simply read the answer book to their test and be a “paper CCIE” because it diminishes the validity of the cert.

  18. rajat gupta
    January 6th, 2016

    New 400-101 exam questions:


  19. inner_peace
    January 6th, 2016

    does any one know if dump with 105 Q is still valid today urgent please ,,,
    does any one pass today

  20. outer_peace
    January 6th, 2016

    hey inner_peace … any update !!

  21. asmat
    January 6th, 2016

    pleas any one can send me pdf 105 and 125 question pleaz urgent

  22. asmat
    January 6th, 2016

    {email not allowed} 105 and 125 question pleaz

  23. Ipman
    January 6th, 2016

    you guys are trying to fu*k our life’s, coz this forum was really built to help each others now u telling us stories…
    @CCIE I strongly agree with u u should kick rstut ass…
    Guys lets built another forum an meet us there…

  24. ..
    January 6th, 2016


  25. rstut
    January 7th, 2016

    @Ipman: We are very sorry about the problem we caused. We had to delete comments because of many guys had posted their real name, scores and it is very risky for their certs.

  26. coki
    January 7th, 2016

    is 105 dump still valid ?

  27. bibi
    January 7th, 2016

    passed with 910, 105 dump is valid

  28. coki
    January 7th, 2016

    Thank you very much.

  29. Add a Comment
    January 7th, 2016

    Which BGP feature prevents a router from installing an iBGP learned route in its routing table until the route is validated within the IGP?
    A. confederation
    B. aggregation
    C. advertise-map
    D. synchronization

    PDF says answer is B but i disagree. Pretty sure it is D, anyone else agree?

  30. kim
    January 7th, 2016

    @bibi can you tel from where we can get 105q im not able to find any

  31. Smart
    January 7th, 2016

    Bros, there is no page for Lab Exam why?

    My friend told there is B11 available for TS, anybody so kind to share ?


  32. ccie
    January 7th, 2016

    its D – synchronization

  33. Karma
    January 7th, 2016

    It is indeed D – synchronization

  34. CCIE Max
    January 7th, 2016

    how to get 105q pdf ? anyone so kind to help ?

    Thank you

  35. Mau
    January 7th, 2016

    Hi guys, is it true tht ccie r&s dumps change every month.

  36. Anonymous
    January 7th, 2016


  37. Anonymous
    January 7th, 2016

    @CCIE Max:

    See them below. I passed 3 days ago using them and people that wrote today confirmed they are still valid especially the 105q.



    January 7th, 2016

    Anonymous could share the link one more time? the links are blocked

  39. Anonymous
    January 7th, 2016


    January 7th, 2016

    Those 2 links are not valid ……….. Can you confirm validity please and re-post! Thank you Anonymous

  41. Julio
    January 7th, 2016

    Hi guys,
    You have to have an created account on 4share in order to dwonload that files

    January 7th, 2016

    @ Julio, did the links work for you. Pls advise!

  43. CCIE MAX
    January 7th, 2016

    My friend Anonymous

  44. CCIE MAX
    January 7th, 2016

    they are not there !!

  45. CCIE MAX
    January 7th, 2016

    any can help ?

  46. Dionisis
    January 8th, 2016

    I downloaded 105q from here, I don’t speak chinese, I just checked both buttons and clicked the one with the download symbol, (the second one)


  47. ccie
    January 8th, 2016

    passed . lab preparation will be resumed

  48. Stewart
    January 8th, 2016

    Hi, all!

    Just passed my 400-101 exam for the second try!

    Many new questions, I didn’t found that 105q dumps, but I also learned all new questions from premium 889q dumps (in PDF and VCE dumps here: http://www.passleader.com/400-101.html)

    Go ahead as soon as possible, the 400-101 exam was changing frequently!!!

  49. IE
    January 8th, 2016

    105 dump valid or not?

  50. Bigbang
    January 8th, 2016

    Dear All,
    Please do not share you name, email-id and personal information. Due to that you may lost your carrier or certification.
    Please share this info all

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