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Event Manager Questions

Question 1

Refer to the exhibit.


Which two statements about the EEM applet configuration are true? (Choose two)

A. The EEM applet runs before the CLI command is executed.
B. The EEM applet runs after the CLI command is executed.
C. The EEM applet requires a case-insensitive response.
D. The running configuration is displayed only if the letter Y is entered at the CLI.


Answer: A C

Question 2

Which variable in an EEM applet is set when you use the sync yes option?

A. $_cli_result
B. $_result
C. $_string_result
D. $_exit_status


Answer: D

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  1. ss
    July 25th, 2015

    q1:correct answer is A&D

  2. Andrew Lay
    October 10th, 2015

    Question 1:

    puts = print

    Event cli: Trigger event if “show running-config” is entered, proceed only after the following policy ends and if the applet returns a $_exit_status = 1 (successful) value
    Else, no action will be taken

    1.0: Print “Warning! etc.”
    1.1: Print in new line ” Do you wish to continue [Y/N]”
    1.2: Take the user’s input and place it in $response
    1.3: Take the value in $response and store it in $_string_result as Upper Case
    1.4: If the value in $_string_result = Y, replace the value $_string_result to 1
    2.0: If the value in $_string_result is 1,
    2.1: Enter the command “enable”
    2.2: Enter the command “show running-config”, and store its results in $_cli_result
    2.3: Print the content in $_cli_result
    2.4: Enter the command “exit”
    2.9: End the “If” Conditional Statement

    Answer is A & D

    A because: The applet will run first, and only if it is successful, then executed the command.
    Therefore, Applet runs before CLI Command.

    D because: The applet will only be returns a $_exit_status = 1 (successful) value if Y is entered. Lowercase or Uppercase “Y” does not matter, toupper will convert the string response in $response and store it in $_string_result as Uppercase.

  3. Andrew Lay
    October 10th, 2015

    Question 1 (Edit):
    1.1: Print “Do you wish to continue [Y/N]”, do not go to next line after this sentence

  4. uday
    October 30th, 2015

    first question answer should be A D

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